Shri Kshitish Madanmohan

Secretary & Trustee,

Gujarat Cancer Society.

Mr. Kshitish Madanmohan Shah (Born 1949) comes from premier industrial family with religious background. Mr. Shah holds BS. (Text. Chemistry), BS (Textile Technology), Masters in Textile Technology from N. C. State University (USA). A gentleman is known for his integrity. He is a man of his word and follows through with his commitments, whatever the cost. His actions reflect who he has chosen to be and are not based upon the opinions of others.

Mr. Shah is a salient self-hood who administer to several institutes. He has been or currently Director to the Adilac Pharmaceuticals Ltd., The Textile Traders Cooperative Bank Ltd.(Past Chairman) & Zydus Technologies Ltd. He took great pride by being President of Shri Visha Modh Adalaja Vanik Gnati & Thakorebhai Desai Smarak Trust. With all honour, Gujarat Vaishya Sabha & Gujarat Research Society handpicked him as Vice President. He has been contacted to get esteem of Apang Manav Mandal as Hon. Gen. Secretary. Mr. Shah actively plays role of Secretary at Gujarat Cancer Society - M. P. Shah Cancer Hospital & Jivraj Mehta Foundation Hospital. Moreover, he is associated with The Institute of Kidney Diseases and Research Centre & Gujarat Mental Health Society as well.

With all his hard work & usage of skillset he found Madanmohan Ramanlal Center of Human Resource Development, Ahmedabad Management Association.

Trustee at :

Jivraj Mehta Memorial Foundation

Saath - Suicide Prevention Centre-Sajan Sheth Foundation

Gujarat Cancer Society.

Vrudhhashram organized by Shah Maganlal Trikamdas & Shah Keshavlal Trikamdas Charity Trust.

Urmila Chandulal Gandhi Thamnawala Charitable Trust.

Dardio Nu Rahat Fund

Andhkanya Prakash Gruh Trust

Thakorebhai Desai Smarak Trust

Gujarat Cancer and Research Institute

Darshu Care Public Charitable Trust