Objectives and Activities

The alumni members shall

Develop, encourage and foster friendship and fellowship among the students, teachers, senior administrative staff of the past and present of the GCS school/college of nursing.

Adopt the Alumni Association core values of excellence, lifelong relationships, lifelong learning, inclusiveness and diversity, global citizenship, advocacy, and GCS pride.

Participate faithfully and consistently in Alumni meetings and functions, events.

Participate actively in strategic and long range program planning to promote alumni awareness, engagement and commitment to the GCS.

Enthusiastically communicate the mission and purpose of the GCS and Alumni Association to the wider alumni population.

Foster good rapport between the management, staff and students for the growth and development of the School/College to better its public image.

Support a strong relationship between the Alumni Association and current students.

Serve actively on at least one Alumni committee.

Remain constantly informed about the Alumni Association's mission, services, priorities and programs.

Recognize fellow alumni who are distinguished by their loyalty, professional achievement and community service.

Arrange and conduct scientific, professional, social and cultural programmes for the benefits of members and general public.

Assist current students and alumni in career planning, placement and transitions.

Encourage highly qualified and diverse prospective students to attend GCS.

Maintain active liaison with all the members of the association. Keep update of recent trends in academic and clinical nursing.

Collect fund for the benefits and activities of the college by way of donation, contributions, and aids.