Research Projects

Study of Pulmonary Function Test in 1 st year M.B.B.S. students of GCS Medical College.

Dr. Anand Mistry , Dr. Vilas Patel , Dr. N. Dikshit, Dr. Jaydeep Kagathara

Effects of exercise on Pulmonary Functions Tests in 30 medical students volunteers.

Dr. Anand Mistry, Dr. Vilas Patel, Dr. N.J. Shah, Dr. Chirag Shah

Study of Pulmonary Function Tests in workers of GCS Medical College & Hospital.

Dr. Lopa Vaidya, Dr. Vilas Patel, Dr. N.J. Shah, Dr. Hitesh Parmar

Study of Blood Culture sensitivity in pediatric patients with fever without focus.

Dr. Baldev Prajapati, Dr. Hetal Jeeyani, Dr. Anjana Shah, Dr. Neha Patel

Study of Correlation between Blood culture sensitivity and Serum Widal in pediatric patients of enteric fever.

Dr. Baldev Prajapati, Dr. Hetal Jeeyani, Dr. Anjana Shah, Dr. Neha Patel

Success of TOLAC (Trial of Labour After Caesarean) in Ante-partum Vs. Intra partum prev. c.s.

Dr. Pooja Singh, Dr. H. U. Doshi, Dr. Divyesh Panchal, Dr. Pinakin Rohit

Study of Outcome of pregnancy preventing with threatened abortion or abnormal early sonographic markers.

Dr. Jaishree S Bamniya, Dr. Jalpa Bhatt, Dr. Atul Munshi

Post-operative pain relief with continuous epidural infusion.

Dr. Heena Parikh

A study on Infant and young child feeding practices in field practicing area of the GCS Medical College, Ahmedabad

Dr. K. N. Sonaliya, Dr.Haresh Chandwani, Dr. Arpit Prajapati, Dr. Bhavik Rana

Study of 50 Cases of Autoimmune and Lipid Disorder in Thyroid Disease at GCS Medical College, Hospital & Research centre.

Dr. Neha A. Shah

Impact of proper Breast feeding practice on the growth of 0-6 months infants at one of the urban slum areas of Ahmedabad

Dr. K. N. Sonaliya, Dr. Venu Shah, Dr. Viral Dave, Dr. Asha Solanki

Knowledge and perceptions regarding aspects of gender preference among pregnant women attending antenatal clinics of Ahmedabad city

Dr. K. N. Sonaliya, Dr. Donald Christian, Dr. Krushna Modi, Dr. Jignesh Garsondiya

The prospective interventional clinical study on the disease of malaria

Dr. Shaila Shah, Dr. Pravina P. Shah

A study on psychological, social and sexual impacts of mastectomy among patients of carcinoma breast.

Dr. K. N. Sonaliya, Dr. Viral Dave, Dr. Venu Shah, Dr. Asha Solanki