All donations are exempted from Income Tax Act U/S 35(i)(ii)-100%, 80 GGA – 100% & 80(G)-50%. Donations in foreign currencies are accepted and approved vide Reg. No.: 041910257 Dated: 22-03-2001. Public Charitable Trust Registered No. F.170

Managed by Gujarat Cancer Society (Public Charitable Trust Registered No. F170), GCS Hospital has been able to touch the lives of lacs of needy patients over the last 10 years. Dedicated to the people by Shri Narendra Modi (Hon'ble Prime Minister of India) in 2011, GCS Hospital today serves patients from all walks of life at nominal cost with the highest standard of services developed on the strong foundation of state-of-the-art facilities, best medical expertise, research, education, and charitable endeavors. We offer substantial discounts on our treatment costs to those living below the poverty line and needy patients.

We invite Individuals / Companies keen on collaborating for sharing Corporate Social Responsibilities to support these efforts and donate generously. In addition to this, revenue donations to meet everyday expenses would help the hospital accommodate many more poor and needy patients and would be gratefully received.

If you require additional information about donation or donation-in-kind, please contact us on +91 9328021440 or email us at

How to Donate

We accept the donation via Online Bank Transfer / Cash (up to Rs.2000/-) / Cheque / Demand Draft.

All cheques / DD may kindly be sent in favor of ‘The Gujarat Cancer Society’.

  • u/s 35(1)(ii) 100% for Businessperson and 80GGA for individual (100%)
  • u/s 80G 50% for Trust or Individual who don’t want to avail tax benefits.

Contact Persons:
Ms. Jagruti Patel
+91 96872 32981

Mr. Kshitish Madanmohan

Mr. Dipesh Chodvadia
+91 93280 21440