I am really privileged to highlight the GCS School / College of Nursing is a unique nursing institute, established in the year 2013. It is affiliated with the Government of Gujarat, the Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi, Gujarat Nursing Council, Ahmedabad, and Gujarat University, Ahmedabad.

We believe that the progress of a Nation is determined by the health of the country as an entire. We the faculties of the nursing take up the leadership in fostering nursing pedagogy form on the rationale, and bridge to theory and practice, with a view to developing skilled, and highly professional nurses.

As per the present situation, students and staff are updated with fresh updating knowledge to face the day-to-day challenges by attending seminars, workshops, conferences, and CNEs at State, National, and international levels. We reveal an outstanding dedication to invention and research throughout the course. We notify the global competition and convince the high-quality education, experience, and employability.

The college is well known for its co-curricular and extracurricular activities and functions, our cultural achievement also has been cherished in the highest position and our students are highly admired in the different competitions.

I deeply believe that you will have all-around progress of yourself both professionally and personally GCS With fond luck and wishes for the upcoming session.

- Mr. Jayesh Jain, Principal

M.Sc. Nursing, (R.N., R.M.)

GCS School / College of Nursing, Ahmedabad