The ICU is a restricted area due to the serious condition of patients warded there. Thus, there are a few special guidelines you need to follow while visiting.

  • As these patients require ample rest, only 1 visitor is allowed at any one time.
  • Wear an isolation gown, shoe covers, and mask, and use hand sanitizer before and after entering the area.
  • You are advised to stay inside the patient’s room during your visiting hours only.
  • If you are asked to wait outside of the patient room, please return to the waiting area out of respect for other patients’ privacy.
  • Visitors may be asked by the ICU staff to leave for short periods during nurses’ reports, certain procedures, and emergencies.
  • Visitors are asked not to visit when they have potentially infectious conditions like cold and flu or any other kind of infection.
  • Apart from these, you are also requested to follow the general visiting guidelines and make sure you understand your responsibilities while you are in the hospital premises.