GCS Medical College has been a home to holistic development and top-notch education for us. The timely evaluation of clinical skills, and the ethics-based training, that has nurtured us into becoming a good human alongside being a good doctor. The unmatched infrastructure of the medical college and the faculties who have taught us with utter dedication, have transformed us and made us competent to build a better tomorrow. GCSMCH has shaped us with the best-in-class training throughout these years, which has always been reflected in our academic achievements. I will forever be grateful for the same.

- Neel Pradip Joshi

I remember being the first admission to GCSMC back in 2011, a college comprising of a passionate group of highly accredited medical professionals, who not only taught me medicine, but also the right way to practice it. And today, more than a decade down the line, I cannot be more thankful that I was a part of GCSMC. The foundation that was laid in the college helped me flourish with confidence and be proud of my basics, even in the European medical setup. Thank you to all the professors at GCSMC! I shall always be very grateful.

- Dr. Suraj Chandwani

Taking a moment to share the result of months of organization, constant hard work, endless discussions hoping to meet on a common ground. From brainstorming treasure hunt locations to a nightery disco, from preparing for sports and steps to performing. We all have come a long way and have made some wonderful memories which we would daydream about during some busy OPD afternoons. I would like to thank the whole GCS family for being so supportive and helping each of us grow.

- Dr. Urva Dholu

Getting admission to GCS for my MBBS studies turned out to be a very much appropriate decision for me which contributed a lot to molding a student in me into the kind of doctor I am today. It gave me the privilege to learn from one of the best kinds of faculties which is the perfect amalgamation of young enthusiastic wise experienced doctors turned teachers. This led me to choose GCS once again for my post-graduation study in MD Microbiology where I get extensive exposure to quality work in microbiology under the guidance of highly accredited faculties aceing in the field of microbiology.

- Dr. Ayushi Patel
2nd year resident in the Department of Microbiology